Document Process

Document Process

Computers and the Internet have changed the way people communicate and do business. By capitalizing on the advantages that these provide, we can decrease the turnaround time and facilitate the document production process. Our computer-based document editing adds a high degree of flexibility. In the editing process, we use colors to clearly show the questionable areas and the sections that need improvement. Whenever possible, we provide comments on how to improve the paper and offer suggestions or alternatives. In a separate file, we provide a comparison report that uses color and other formatting to clearly show what changes were made. Similarly, in the translation process we use colors and formatting to indicate questions and suggestions. By utilizing the Internet, file transfer is fast and easy. We use the latest versions of popular software making file transfer simple. Questions are easily handled through E-mail.


Our editors and translators are experienced in various technical areas from computer and telecommunications fields to medical fields, such as endocrinology and pharmacology. We deal with a wide range of document types from technical research papers and manuals to speeches and technical presentations. Clients have submitted work for a wide range of journals, such as Electronics Letters to The Journal of Biological Chemistry. We have many years of experience working with research scientists and engineers from major corporations and prestigious academic institutions.


We have two consultants in particular who have a long history in writing papers for journals and international presentations.


Presenting an effective message is also important in the world of business. Our editors and translators will thoroughly deal with your important business documentation. Well written, well presented documentation shows your level of professionalism to your target audience. Our staff has extensive experience in writing effective business letters, resumes, E-mail messages, and promotional material including flyers and brochures.


We also offer editing of the text embedded in graphics. We understand that graphics play an integral part of a document's presentation, whether it is part of a presentation or a document for print. Presenting clear, easy-to-understand graphics enhances your message.

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